“Livestock and Climate Change” Workshop

Venue: Best Western Hotel Hungaria, Budapest

Date: 30th and 31st October 2014


Day 1 - Thursday, October 30th:

  • The challenge of Climate Change
    • Vulnerability of Grassland Systems in Europe to Climate Change
      Gianni Bellocchi (INRA)
    • Trade offs between mitigation and adaptation in addressing climate change
      Gary Lanigan (Teagasc)
    • Effect of heat stress on animal welfare and productivity
      Alfréd Kovács (Szent István University, Livestock Research Institute)
  • Technical Solutions to the challenges (Part 1)
    • Grassland management and drought
      • Increasing soil carbon sequestration rates in grasslands
        Gary Lanigan (Teagasc)
      • Grassland management strategies to mitigate and adapt to climate change
        Donal O’Brien (Teagasc)
      • Traditional ecological knowledge of traditional grassland management in East-Central Europe
        Zsolt Molnár (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Ecological Institute)

Day 2 - Friday, October 31st:

  • Technical Solutions to the challenges (Part 2)
    • Greenhouse gas measurements techniques in agriculture
      • Measurement techniques and networks of greenhouse gas emissions in grasslands
        Zoltan Nagy (MTA-Szent István University Plant Ecology Research Group)
    • Greenhouse gas inventories
      • State, improvements and challenges of agricultural greenhouse gas inventory in Hungary
        Lovas Katalin (Hungarian Meteorological Service)
    • Policy support to the Livestock Industry in C and E Europe to meet the challenges
      • Cost benefit analyses of mitigation and adaptation strategies: Win-win solutions
        Vera Eory (Scotland’s Rural College)
      • Key policy issues for the European livestock sector with regard to Climate Change
        Anne Mottet (FAO)
      • Livestock sector in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia region, policy in relation to food production and efficiency
        Marija Klopcic (University of Ljubljana)
      • Agricultural policy context in the Hungarian livestock sector and the main elements of food security issues
        Prof Dr. István Fehér (Szent István University-Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences)
      • Policies and measures for climate change mitigation in agriculture: a national perspective
        Katarzyna Kowalczewska (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Poland)
    • Round Table Discussion (jointly with Greenhouse Gas Research Alliance) Research and policy implementation to meet regional needs
      • Collaboration in Greenhouse Gas Research and Knowledge Transfer
        Henk van der Mheen (Wageningen University and Research Centre)


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